Clothes caught fire: petrol against Maulwьrfe: 81-hurt Jghriger

Kleidung fing Feuer: Benzin gegen Maulwьrfe: 81-Jдhriger verletzt
Because the Maulwurfhьgel in his garden were to him a thorn in the side, drilled a 81-Jghriger in Judenburg several Lцcher in the Meadow. He schьttete gasoline and stuffed then Stofftьcher in the Цffnungen.

Wghrend he held in one Hand a Cup with accelerant, zьndete it with a lighter one of the Tьcher, the animals auszurguchern.

The man’s clothes caught on fire. The 81-Jghrige dьrfte have gelцscht flames with a garden hose, self, was, however, breached with the ЦAMTC brought the helicopter in the LKH Graz.