Forecast for the week beginning: Now the April weather to come to us

Prognose zum Wochenbeginn: Jetzt kommt das April-Wetter auf uns zu
Forecast-Box After the record-Mgrz with summer temperatures, kьhlt us the April mgchtig.

In the East, we start in just under 8 degrees in the new work week. After the lunch break, the mercury is expected to rise up to a pleasant 20 degrees. Although Monday starts Sunny, to attract more and more clouds. Throughout the country it comes to showers running short of rain. With two exceptions, the inhabitants of the Sьdsteiermark and Vienna dьrften, according to the experts of the Central Institute fьr meteorology and geodynamics (ZAMG), a bit more weather-Glьck. Although the Chance of rain in the course of a day is increasing more and more, it’s supposed to stay here until the evening hours dry.

Also, the Tuesday is unbestgndig. The sun and light rain showers from lцsen in Цsterreich continuously. The Tageshцchsttemperatur reached in Vienna, only 17 degrees, and in the Alps, and only 13 degrees.

On Wednesday, the sun says goodbye endgьltig from the North. New fall daytime temperatures and a brisk westerly wind coming. Although it remains in the Federal capital ьberwiegend dry, there may be in the Frьh a handful of Niederschlgge. In the Sьden Цsterreichs it is, however, wgrmer and the rain.

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