Jail for trio after Dh10m security van theft attempt

Jail for trio after Dh10m security van theft attempt

UAE – The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi reports that three men will serve three years in jail each in Dubai for attempting to steal Dh10 million from a security van after stabbing one of the guards in the stomach.

At 9pm on August 24 last year the vehicle stopped near a bank in the Baniyas neighbourhood. Two of the Nigerian defendants waited until one of the guards was leaving the bank with money before attacking him.

“I headed to the bank while my two other colleagues remained in the car. When I was attacked I quickly threw the money inside and the driver locked the vehicle, while my third colleague ran away and called police,” said the 41-year-old Indian guard, adding that the men ran off after failing to force open one of the vehicle’s doors.

The three defendants, aged between 25 and 27, were arrested in Septemberkl and charged with attempted armed robbery. A fourth man, 25, was charged with aiding and abetting by driving the getaway car.

At Dubai Criminal Court, all four denied the charges but they were all convicted and sentenced to three years in jail each, followed by deportation.