Police are asking for any information: Almost-Entfьhrer wьrgte and raised in Salzburg, in the underground garage

Polizei bittet um Hinweise: Beinahe-Entfьhrer wьrgte Salzburgerin bei Tiefgarage
The 27-jghrige salt she was Sonntagfrьh in the Ernest-Thun-StraЯe on-the-go, as she was attacked in the Nghe an underground Parking garage of a 20-to 30-year-old Unknown. He tore you to the ground, wьrgte you and tried to drag you into a small, bright blue car.

In the rear window of the vehicle, small stickers were glued. With one Hand, the Almost цffnete-Entfьhrer the rear Tьr on the passenger side and wanted to dump his victim into the car. The woman discovered that the gegenьberliegenden StraЯenseite a passer-by, which looked as if they photograph the scene, or movies wьrde.

The victim raised a pleading Hand, and made it be noticeable. As well as the Tgter was on the passer-by’s attention, lieЯ he of his victim and flьchtete with the light blue car against the one way. A first investigation by the police yielded no positive result.

The Rettungskrgfte brought on the neck, the knees, and Hgnden injured woman to the hospital. The police are now asking for notes and has verцffentlicht a Tgterbeschreibung: The man is supposed to be about 1.75 meters groЯ, with weiЯer skin color and blond stubble bald. He had a normal stature.

The mцgliche witness of the other StraЯenseite is still being sought. Notes kцnnen be submitted to the journal service of the city crime unit in Salzburg under the number 059 133 55 3333.