“Zero comma zero Verstgndnis”: Germany accuses Цsterreich “toll-schizophrenia”

"Null Komma null Verstдndnis": Deutschland wirft Цsterreich "Maut-Schizophrenie" vor
“It seems to be in the Цsterreichern to a severe case of toll-schizophrenia”, said Dobrindt “Mьnchner mercury”. He had “zero comma zero Verstgndnis” dafьr that Цsterreich self collect tolls, but in Germany, for the financing of the infrastructure contributions.

Since years, the controversial Car toll it had taken on Friday in the German Bundesrat, the last Hьrde. A request for referral to the conciliation Committee took place in the Lgnderkammer not a majority.

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Immediately after the decision kьndigte Цsterreich to pull against the Infrastructure charge in Germany before the Europ strategic court of justice (ECJ). The German “Auslgndermaut” is “discrimination on the basis of the Staatszugehцrigkeit”, criticized the Minister of transport Jцrg lightly fried.